Housing - Affordable Housing and Housing That is Affordable

San Diego needs affordable housing and housing that is affordable.  We spend an average of 42/% of our income on housing.  As a real estate professional for over 15 years I have seen housing prices go up and affordability go down.  Affordable housing for those who cannot or do not want to own a home is in extremely short supply and housing that is affordable for those who want to own their homes is becoming out of reach, especially for seniors and first-time home buyers.  Another component that has contributed to the increasingly short supply of housing is the increase in short-term vacation rentals (which has been increasing largely due to websites such as AirBnB, Craigslist, and VRBO.  These conversions of owner-occupied homes has not only affected quality of life in our neighborhoods but has also taken much-needed housing off the market for prospective renters and buyers contributing to the diminishing supply of homes available for long-term resident/owner-occupants.